A Cub’s uniform at Littlewick Green consists of :-

  • Dark blue activity (cargo) shorts or trousers
  • Dark green Cub sweatshirt
  • Yellow Pinkneys Green T-shirt
  • Yellow and Green Group scarf (often called a necker)
  • Woggle in the colour of their Six.

Where To Buy

If your Cub is moving up from Beavers the T-shirt and necker remain the same, if you are new to the Group speak to Akela who can organise a T-shirt and necker.

Maidenhead Scout Shop

19th Maidenhead Scout Hut
Holmanleaze, Maidenhead

Times :- Thursday Evening
7pm to 8.45pm during Term Time

Scout Store

The official online store of the scout association


Other traditional uniform retailers in and around Maidenhead may also stock Cub uniform.


VERY IMPORTANT….. This jumper does, and every jumper should, have a name written on the back of the label (neckers should also have a name on the central label).

Badges should only be sewn on a Cubs uniform after they are invested.

During investiture a Cub will be given a Group Name Tape, District and County Badges, their Membership Award and a coloured woggle identifying their new Six.

If your Cub has moved up from Beavers some badges from their Beaver jumper can also be worn on their Cub uniform, these are :-

  • Chief Scouts Bronze Award if awarded
  • The highest numbered of each Staged Activity Badge (the left arm blue badges)
  • The Moving On Award if awarded during a “swim up” ceremony
  • Joining in Awards (or year stars)
  • Any current Occasional badges